Reaching for the sky

August  2016 / 16 No Comments

Time to learn how to fly, and take those shots to new heights!

I got an opportunity to put my hands on the DJI Phantom 4 and play.  What a blast, this definitely opens up new opportunities to be creative, and allows for shots that in the past were only accessible to budget productions.  But like all tools, in our industry, it is just a tool, and still need the creative direction of someone who understands composition, story telling and camera technics.

As always with any motion control system, the real key to movement is to use foreground elements to create depth and perspective.  In the case of a drone that means learning to fly close to trees and objects to give that sense of scale and speed.

This video is from my first flight, so I kept a safe distance from objects, but got better by my 3rd flight.

My first client shoot is coming up soon so I’ll be spending more time learning how to master this thing.

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