2023 Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards Nominee


I am passionate about what I do, telling stories.  I enjoy every aspect of the story telling process.  From producing, interviewing, directing and editing I love telling great stories that touches people’s heart.  I believe in the power of authenticity and the unique strength in combining great visuals with amazing sounds. 

From documentaries to marketing videos I will always look to create an emotional connection with the audience.  For without emotions all we do is scream in the wind. 


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I offer full production services from small to large projects, I have the resources to handle just about anything, from corporate videos to national TV ads and feature length content.

Post Production

I'm a story teller not just a technician. I thrive in finding the stories and developing it to create an effective compelling final piece to help you reach your goals.

Aerial Cinematography

As an FAA licensed drone pilots with years of experience, I can capture stunning aerial footage that adds a dynamic element to your video.


Service de Fixeur pour toute production française en Arizona. Repérages des lieux de tournage, autorisations, location de matos, transport... Soutien complet et professionnel.

About me

“Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.”
Oscar Wilde


Born in France in the suburb of Paris, I moved to the US in 1992 to pursue my dream of playing College basketball.

I received a full athletic scholarship from Montana State University – Billings in 1993.

After completing my College career, playing for 3 different colleges, I moved back to France to play in Europe, in Aix Les Bains.

I met my wife Julie while on a trip to Arizona in 2000, and it was love at first sight, I still haven’t returned from that trip 🙂

I started my career in video in 2004, as a Certified Legal Video Specialist, filming depositions for attorneys.

Around 2007 I decided to change course and focused on more creative aspect of video communication, and started providing my clients with marketing video solutions.

At the same time I worked as a freelancer in supporting many different Networks, in different capacity.  From camera man to running audio, or simply setting up cables, I helped facilitate live satellite interviews for all major networks.

Christophe Tinard

in the community

“Flying with Cameras” stands out among drone workshops in their proven ability to bring top-level classroom teaching from full time industry professionals coupled with hands-on practice for each participant. It is unusual to find large-scale workshops that include the hands-on aspect – yet it is the top priority for drone pilots to practice alongside experts in the field.

Gimbal Workshops

“Moving with Cameras” workshop is structured around hands-on interaction with gimbals alongside in-depth teaching on the psychology and application of movement in cinematography. Camera movement evokes emotion from an audience and learning the art of motion in film is vital to visual storytelling.

You can have an eye for framing a shot, nail camera movement, capture lighting... but all cinematographers know it’s a show-stopper if you don’t have good editing. The weekend workshop is designed to take the mystique out the how’s and why’s of editing. Get on the path to mastery over a tool that gives you creative control, balance, and a final product that captures what you envisioned for your piece.

AzDroneFest is the first Drone Film Festival in Arizona. The event is designed to promote, cultivate, and celebrate the art of aerial cinematography in Arizona.

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Based in Phoenix, Arizona; Serving clients where ever they are

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